Memphis police are firing a sixth officer who was involved in the fatal arrest of Tyre Nichols. In a statement, MPD said Hemphill violated five departmental policies and he was fired on Friday afternoon. They went on to say the investigation into Nichols' death is ongoing, and other officers are also being investigated for policy violations.       The White House says the Chinese balloon moving over the continental United States is a clear violation of American sovereignty. On Air Force One heading to Philadelphia, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said President Biden was briefed on the high-altitude balloon moving through U.S. airspace Tuesday. She said the military didn't shoot the balloon down over concerns falling debris could hurt people on the ground.       Elon Musk is not being found liable for costing investors millions when he made claims about privatizing his electric vehicles. Musk previously issued a series of tweets telling people he'd "secured" funding to turn Tesla into a privately traded company. Three weeks later, Musk scrapped the proposal, but fluctuating share prices during the ordeal cost investors millions, if not billions, of dollars.        A Texas man is under arrest for the theft of two monkeys from the Dallas Zoo. Davion Irvin has been charged with animal cruelty. He was caught while he was looking for his next victim, scoping out exhibits at the Dallas World Aquarium.       First Lady Jill Biden is attending the Super Bowl in Arizona later this month. President Biden was at a Philadelphia fundraiser on Friday when he mentioned Jill will be attending the game on the 12th. The President joked that he was an Eagles fan by marriage and would be "sleeping alone" if he wasn't rooting for Philly in the upcoming game.        LeBron James is 63 points away from passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar for first place on the NBA's all-time scoring list. James scored 26 points in Thursday night's Lakers' win in Indiana. He'll likely break the record at home next week unless he scores 63 points in New Orleans tomorrow.