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The bomb squad is at Los Angeles International Airport. Officials say a man was acting strange this morning and they found several loaded firearms in his pickup truck at a checkpoint. Airport police say they also found several suspicious devices. Both levels of the airport have been shut down.        The jury deliberating the fate of former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort is back at work for a second day. Jurors in Alexandria, Virginia asked the judge to clarify several issues for them late yesterday, including the definition of reasonable doubt. As he left the White House this morning President Trump told reporters he believes Manafort is being treated very unfairly.       Investigators believe they have found the bodies of two young girls allegedly killed by their father earlier this week in Frederick, Colorado. According to police, four-year-old Bella Watts and her three-year-old sister, Celeste, were murdered by Christopher Watts in their home. The father is also accused of murdering their pregnant mother and is currently being held without bond.       A powerful storm system is moving into the Ohio Valley and the Great Lakes after causing heavy damage across the Plains and the Midwest. Tornadoes touched down in Illinois, Iowa, and Kansas. Severe storms are in the forecast this afternoon throughout the Northeast, from Pennsylvania up to Vermont.       Florida's Secretary of State is giving Democratic Senator Bill Nelson until the end of the day to produce any information he has on the Russian hacking of Florida's election system. Earlier this month Nelson released a letter saying the Senate Intelligence Committee found that Russian hackers accessed voter databases. Nelson has said the information is classified.       Chipotle is getting back to basics after hundreds of people got sick after eating at one of its Ohio restaurants. The burrito chain says it will be retraining all of its employees on food safety procedures. Chipotle had to close some of its stores last year because of a norovirus outbreak that was reportedly caused by employees being forced to work while sick.