Beer Tent Theme Now Harvest Garden


Woonsocket – The Autumnfest Steering Committee is pleased to announce that the Beer Tent at Autumnfest will have a new theme:  Harvest Garden. The objective is to harvest new community relations in developing new traditions.   Along with a new theme comes a new vendor to operate Harvest Garden.  That vendor being Savini’s Pomodoro & Ciro’s Tavern lead by its trio management team:  General Manager Abre McDonald, Owner /Operator Jill Moylan and her husband Matt.


Moylan, Business Developer for Savini’s Pomodoro & Ciro’s Tavern says, “This is an exciting opportunity to collaborate our efforts with the Autumnfest Committee to be able to continue this tradition for years and decades to come. We recognize all hard work from past volunteers, organizations, and sponsors who have made Autumnfest spectacular every year.


Moylan goes on to say that many aspects will remain the same at Main Tent and there will be some changes such as layout, its ambiance, and expanded beverage offerings.  Staying the same will be the same variety of beers and canned cocktails offered thanks to McLaughlin & Moran, longtime partner and vendor of Autumnfest.   Entertainment will continue to be offered at the Main Tent on Friday night, All day Saturday & Sunday, plus Monday afternoon of Autumnfest Weekend.   In addition, many of the larger entertainment acts once playing in the tent, will now be playing at the Main Stage, which will feature its Lawn Tent also serving alcoholic beverages.


Some of the changes consist of tent layout being reversed so guests enter the tent for immediate coverage, having its outdoor courtyard to the rear.  The stage will host various music entertainers.    The alcoholic drinks will now be served in cans, for example Budweiser beer cans versus kegs which aligns with today’s industry sporting and music venues throughout.    Also, look for select Spirits to be served in cans including cocktails, wine, and seasonal mules and sangria.


“There will be other exciting changes we hope everyone will enjoy,” said Moylan.  “We hope everyone embraces what we will be presenting, and we hope to make Main Tent at Harvest Garden a much more inviting place for people to attend during Autumnfest Weekend.”  



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