Still Time To Get A Float In This Year’s Autumnfest Parade


Woonsocket – The 44th Autumnfest is on track to be a tremendous celebration.  One of the highlights of Autumnfest is always the 10-Division Parade.  The parade is held the morning of Columbus Day.  This year that day is October 10, 2022.  Now is the time to secure your school, group or organization placement in this year’s parade.


Tom Gray, Autumnfest Parade Coordinator said, “We welcome all organizations to be a part of the great Autumnfest Parade experience.  Some groups have already reached out to us but there is always room for more.”  There is still time for your organization (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Sports Team, Dance Studio, etc.) to get a float in this year’s parade.   


The Autumnfest Parade is viewed by thousands that turn out each year to watch.  Plus, both Woonsocket radio stations broadcast the parade live.  The parade is also streamed on the internet live and the parade is also videotaped and broadcast on Cable TV.


Here is your chance to get your school, group or organization a lot of amazing recognition by being part of the 44th Autumnfest Celebration.  For information on how your group can have a float in this event, contact Tom Gray at (401) 767-7985 or by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).



Remember Bid on the Phone but watch here:  LIVE on O-N TV

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