June 29, 2018



WOONSOCKET – With summer right around the corner, it’s time to think about keeping children healthy while school is out. Woonsocket Education provides free meals to enrolled children during the summer.

This summer, meals will be available for all children enrolled in Woonsocket Education - Woonsocket High School, Villa Nova Middle School, Globe Park, Pothier 7/3/18 to 8/2/18 and Woonsocket Boys & Girls, Woonsocket YMCA, and Neighbor Works C3 and Arts Youth Programs from 6/25/18 to 8/17/18. For more information, contact Woonsocket Education – Food Services at 401-767-4757.

Meals will be available to all enrolled children, free of charge. Participating sites must demonstrate economic need by collecting income information for participants to demonstrate that at least 50% of the participating population meets the eligibility standards described below:

Must Include:



July 1, 2017– June 30, 2018 FAMILY SIZE




































For each additional family member:





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