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The Spirit of
Council on Aging
October 2018 Newsletter
Kay Page on growth at the Senior Center.
40 Blackstone Street ● Bellingham, MA 02019 ● Phone: 508-966-0398 ● Fax: 508-966-5843
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 8am-4pm ● Friday 8am-3pm
Josie Dutil, Executive Director ● This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ●
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“It’s a few years away,” explains Kay Page, the chair of the Council on Aging (COA). “We need to get it right, to think about the future and accommodate our needs. We plan to keep the Center open during expansion,” says Page.
The COA is “the eyes, ears and advocate for the Bellingham senior community,” notes Page who was appointed Chair last year after serving as a board member for three years. She will hold the Chair posi-tion until 2021.
She is currently searching for board members. Michael Belleville and Mingming He were appointed last month. What does she look for in a new member? “They need to be able to think things through and ex-press an opinion, have ideas and be willing to share them, and be willing to work!” (Continued on page 2)
An “ambitious plan” to ex-pand the Sen-ior Center by almost 1,300 square feet is working its way through the planning and approval process.
Saturday, November 3 9am-3pm
Bellingham Senior Center
Don’t miss this annual fair that will feature all kinds of crafts… food… song and dance. Open to all. Drop by and stay as long as you like.
October 2018 Senior Center: (508) 966-0398 Page 2
Kay Page (cont’d. from front page)
Another significant sign of growth is the appointment of a new director of the Center. “Josie Dutil has great new ideas,” observes Page, “bringing inter-esting new programs focused on healthy living. A perfect fit!”
Because isolation and loneliness are often acute in a senior community, new programs are designed and scheduled to get more folks involved. The Senior Center is adding evening hours and group exercise opportunities.
The COA has its annual Craft Fair coming up on Saturday, November 3 from 9am until 3pm. “It’s near and dear to my heart,’ says Page, “…a fun day with lots of food and dancing to the music of Polka Paul.” Visitors can tour the Senior Center and chat with members of the COA board.
Kay has lived in Bellingham for 54 years. She was born in Indianapolis, raised in St. Louis, and moved to Bellingham when her father received a company promotion and moved the family east. (Her husband has since passed away.)
She has four children who are grown and married, 11 grandchildren and three great grand-daughters (a fourth great grand-daughter is expected to arrive late this month). “We have a reunion every five years around Thanksgiving.”
Back at the Senior Center, Kay looks around and says: “It’s a great place! We are very blessed to have such an active senior community in Bellingham.”
Each month, we will display the art works of Bellingham seniors. If you’d like to participate, then please contact Fred Milgram at (508) 966-4525. And if you’d like to learn how to paint, then here are the classes for you: October 3 and 10 from 1pm to 3:30pm; internationally-known artist Darrell Crow will lead you step by step to paint “Bubbling Brook”. “If they can sign their name, then they can paint,” says Darrell. $25 includes all the supplies you’ll need. Please sign up at the front desk.
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Avocado Quinoa Salad One liners...
Council on Aging
Our mission is to provide support and leadership to our senior community through advocacy and by
implementing educational, nutritional, recreational and wellness programs to meet their needs.
508-966-0398 ● Our next public Board Meeting will be held at 1pm on, Tuesday, October 9.
COA Officers and Board Members
Chair: Kay Page, Vice-Chair: Betty Willey, Treasurer: Tina Tyler, Board Members: Michael Belleville,
Mingming He, and Tsune Roberts
What you need:
1 1/2 cups pinto beans, drained and rinsed
1 1/2 cups cooked quinoa
1 cup grape tomatoes, quartered
1/2 cup fresh cilantro
1 avocado, pitted and chopped
Combine all the above in a medium bowl.
And here’s the dressing:
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup lime juice
1/2 chipotle chile in adobo sauce (comes in a can)
4 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
1 teaspoon honey
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon sea salt
Blend dressing ingredients; drizzle over your salad!
When you are dissatisfied and would like to go back to youth, think of algebra. Will Rogers
So far, this is the oldest I’ve been. George Carlin
It’s not that I’m afraid to die, I just don’t want to be there when it happens. Woody Allen
I’m at an age when my back goes out more than I do. Phyllis Diller
An archaeologist is the best husband a wom-an can have. The older she gets the more in-terested he is in her. Agatha Christie
Happy October, Happy Fall---Happy Halloween,
Looking forward to the crisp air, beautiful foliage and the excitement that fall brings----Pumpkins, ghosts, goblins and football!
Congratulations to Mingming He & Michael Bellville the two newly appointed members to the COA Board. We are very excited about building the COA Board and so happy to be working with you- welcome!
Remember----Saturday, November 3 is the Craft Fair from 9-3 held at the Senior Center, 40 Blackstone Street, Bellingham. So many beautiful new crafts to enjoy, homemade baked goods to purchase, the 'like new' room for great buys, music for your listening pleasure and if you want to snack we offer coffee & do-nuts in the morning and hot dogs, slice of pizza, chips & soda for lunch------can't forget the beautiful raffles! Looking forward to seeing you all at the Craft Fair!
Want to remind you the senior center will be open on Friday Nov., 2 but there will be NO PROGRAMS & NO LUNCHES. If you have any questions please call the senior center!
Reminder: the COA is the eyes, ears & advocates of the senior community. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please call the senior center---508-966-0398.
Thank you, Kay Page, Chairman
October 2018 Senior Center: (508) 966-0398 Page 4
NEW in October
The mission of the Bellingham Council on Aging is to serve older residents, caregivers, and
younger disabled people who are in need of services and referrals. Programs are developed to
benefit these individuals as well as to educate our community about the needs of its elderly.
Thursdays at 1pm, beginning October 4
DPP is a lifestyle change program incorporating healthier eating, moderate physical exercise,
and stress reduction. Come and find out if this program can benefit you. If you have questions
about the program, please contact Josie Dutil at (508) 657-2705
Tuesday, October 9, 6-8pm
Be curious about these members of the genus Apis and join us at the Senior Center to learn more.
Bellingham bee expert Sean Simon will be available and is planning a full presentation that will
include honey tasting. Be sure to reserve your spot by calling (508) 966-0398.
Wednesdays at 9am, beginning October 3
During the month of October, experience this unique form of yoga that utilizes long holding in supported
postures. Follow with guided meditation. Other yoga classes at the Center are: 10am and
5:30pm on Tuesdays, and 9:30am on Thursdays. Small fee. Bring your yoga mat. Sign up at the
front desk.
Monday, 4pm, October 15
Dr. Gary Hylander continues his intriguing series with a look at Emma Goldman.
She was an anarchist, political activist, and writer. She played a pivotal
role in the development of anarchist political philosophy in North
America and Europe in the first half of the 20th century. Please sign
up at the front desk.
All Hallows’ Eve
Join us on October 31 at 1pm for Bingo with a twist.
Come in costume, if you like, and bring a grandchild
or two… also in costume. Please let the front desk
know who to expect.
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November 3
Annual COA Craft Fair
Great local crafts including jewelry, paintings, quilts,
jams & jellies. “Grandma’s Attic.” Food and music.
(Still time to donate!) Join us! 9am—3pm
November 9
Three days and two nights in the Amish countryside
of Pennsylvania, plus an amazing production of
“Jesus.” Call for details.
November 15
$22 per person includes free food, free bet, and a
chance for a free trip. Please sign up at the front
desk ahead of time. 7:45am—5pm
December 6
The Salem Cross Inn and
Bright Nights at Forest Park
Luncheon at the Inn, visit the Yankee Candle Company,
and then enjoy the lights of the season at Forest
Park. 10:30am—8pm $85pp. Sign up at the
front desk.
Call the Center for more info: (508) 966-0398
Looking ahead...
Saturday, October 6, 9am—2pm
This blood drive is open to all, no reservations are
needed and it is in memory of John Casey.
The Senior Center continues to offer more choices
for late afternoon and evening programs.
On Tuesdays: Billiards until 7pm, Gentle Yoga
at 5:30pm. On Tuesday 10/2: Genealogy at 6pm
and on Tuesday 10/9: Bellingham Bees at 6pm.
Call ahead — (508) 966-0398
Thursday, 11:30am—1pm, November 1
Located in a quaint wooded area near parks,
gardens and the Franklin State Forest is the
Atria Senior Living community for older adults.
Please sign up for the tour at the front desk.
MONDAYS — Billiards 8am – 4pm
No experience needed! Bring your own stick or use
one of ours. No reservation necessary.
TUESDAYS — Pitch 1pm
Pitch (or "High Low Jack") is an American tricktaking
card game derived from the English game of
All Fours (Seven Up). Come join Bellingham’s Best
and show ‘em what you’ve got!
WEDNESDAYS — Chorus 10:30am
Join Linda Trudeau for an hour of singing… and
then stay for another hour: Motion to Music will
move you to “move it, move it!”
THURSDAYS — Walking Club 8am
Join us at the Bellingham Town Common to walk
and talk. Open to all (including grandchildren).
Call to reserve your spot: (508) 966-0398
FRIDAYS — Zumba 9:30am
Great exercise… fun time… come on down!
23, 11:30am
At Rhapsody’s Victorian Coffee House, Franklin
October 2018 Senior Center: (508) 966-0398 Page 6
Bill Eltzroth, President ● Jim Fitzpatrick, Vice President ● Susan Wilkins, Secretary ●
Ray Conklin, Treasurer ● Jeanne LeBlanc, Assistant Treasurer ● Gail Milgram, Sunshine Lady ●
Board Members: Bill Barrette, John Hogan, Louis LeBlanc, Barbara Eltzroth, Tom Donnelly,
Eva Gamache & Rita Tetrault
The BESG office is located at the Municipal Center. Please call either the Senior Center at
508-966-0398 or the Town Hall at 508-657-2715 for specific dates and times.
BESG News & Events
Everything is going well at the Senior Center with lots of things to do and the addition of evening activities.
We will be renewing the meal plan for next year very soon so if you have any suggestions, please write them down and drop them in our mail box.
Our next fund-raiser will be October 27 at 5:30pm — the Ham and Bean Supper. Tickets are available at the front desk. Entertainment by Gary Landgren who plays honky tonk piano. And there will be some great door prizes. Price is $10 per person.
Some dates to remember: October 2—Turkey Dinner with all the fixin’s… October 25—BESG Birthday Party with chicken pot pie… November 3—COA Craft Fair and donations are still being accepted. Come and join us!
The travel committee has met and is working hard on trips that will please everyone. We need your ideas and support. I’m looking into what is available for traveling to the new MGM casino in Springfield. As soon as I find out more, I’ll let everyone know.
Thank you for all your support. If it wasn’t for you all, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do!
BESG is the Heart and Soul of the senior community.
Bill Eltzroth, President BESG
P.S. We met with the architect once again about the Center’s expansion plans and we are a lot happier with the revisions they provided us.
Name __________________________________ Address _____________________________________________
Town __________________________________ State/Zip ___________________________________________
Phone _________________________________ EMAIL: _____________________________________________
Membership Dues: $5 (through December 31, 2018)
Donations are gratefully accepted and will be acknowledged in the monthly newsletter. If you’re making a donation, then please describe it below:
Bring this form and your check — made out to the BESG — to the front desk at the Senior Center or mail to
40 Blackstone St, Bellingham, MA 02019. Thank You!
Page 7
Outreach by Sheila
As we enter the open enrollment period for health insurance and Medicare for 2019, the Senior Center offers these educational opportunities:
Tuesday, October 2, 4pm—6pm
A representative from BCBS will present Planning for Medicare and answer your questions.
Wednesday, October 31, 8:30am
A representative from Fallon Community Health Plan will offer advice about a range of options, and take your questions. A second program will be offered on November 20 at 2pm.
Contact the front desk to reserve your spot in any or all of these presentations. (508) 966-0398
Every town in Massachusetts has a Veterans' Service Officer. VSOs must as-sist veterans and their dependents in learning about, applying for, and receiv-ing Chapter 115 benefits. VSOs can also help you in applying, appealing, and receiv-ing VA compensation and pension.
Benefits available include: Cash As-sistance, Medical Expense Reimburse-ments, Annuities, Burial allowances.
Our Veterans Service Officer is Bob Greenhalgh and you can reach him by calling 774-292-2437.
(Sheila has kindly relinquished her usual space here so we can bring you this news from SHINE.
Her regular column will return next month.)
Medicare Open Enrollment:
Now through December 7th
Every year, Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage (HMO, PPO) plans can change their premiums, co-pays, deductibles, formularies (list of drugs covered) and preferred pharma-cies. In the case of Medicare Advantage Plans they can also drop providers from their Plan. It’s important to review your options every year to make sure you have the plan that works best for you for the next year. We are anticipating that there may be new plans and choices. Along with these new plans and choices, we expect there will be some aggressive marketing with an unusual high volume of plan-sponsored meetings (see box below left).
Assistance is available from the SHINE program. Trained SHINE volunteers offer free, confidential counseling on all aspects of health insurance to anyone on Medicare. Our counse-lor is Jean Roy and she will be available from 9am—noon on these Wednesdays in Octo-ber: 10/3, 10/17, 10/31 and also on Monday, 10/22. Please make an appointment by call-ing the Senior Center at (508) 966-0398.
October 2018 Senior Center: (508) 966-0398 Page 8
Thurs., October 18 at 10am-12pm
Gerald Loftin is available by appointment for free financial consultations. To schedule your consultation, sign up at the front desk or call the Senior Center at 508-966-0398.
Our Supportive Day Program has a new coordinator. Terry comes to us from Atria Draper Place in Hopedale where she integrated life-enhancing programs for seniors. Here, her programs will concentrate on socialization and include games, chair exercise, arts & crafts, walking, a book club and special outings. For details about the program, please call Terry at (508) 657-2711.
Thu., October 4 & 18 at 11:15am ● Free
Join with others who have experienced a similar loss. Please call 508-966-0398 to sign up.
Check out our new FB page:
Please help us spread the word! Like the page!
Please remember to sign up at the front desk, or call 508-966-0398. The Senior Center makes decisions regarding the scheduling of programs and services based on the number of attendees who have signed up.
Jean Roy is the SHINE counselor for the Sen-ior Center and ready to help you answer in-surance questions. She will be available to meet with you from 9-noon on Wednesdays, October 3, 17, 31 and on Monday, 10/22. Contact the Senior Center at (508) 966-0398 to schedule your appointment.
“Cheeseburg Chowder” is the creation of Supportive Day Care client Kandy Slowey (middle above). With her in the Senior Center kitchen is Tsune Roberts (left), COA Board Member, and Olivia Mathieu, former program coordinator.
Thank you!
Edward and Elvira Smith, Richard and Anne Kunce-wicz, Arnold Holtman, George and Carol Hersey, George and Elaine Racine for your generous donations. The BESG also thanks Mary Leah Mason for her Memo-rial in memory of her late cousin, Mary Brady.
Barbara and Robert Grover, Jr.; Russell and Sandra Elderkin; and Alan and Mary McKinley for your dona-tions in memory of Medora Guilbert.
Benchmark Senior Living for support of the annual Blueberry Festival.
Hitesh Patel for a generous donation including medical equipment.
This state-sponsored program works with your Medicare Part D so that you don’t over-pay for prescriptions. If you meet annual in-come requirements, the program is free. Join us on Friday, October 19 at 1pm to learn how you can save on prescription drugs.
Page 9
8am-4pm: Billiards
9:00am: Knitters/Quilters
9:30am: Chair Volleyball
10am: Blood Pressure Clinic
1pm: Poker
1pm: Conv. Italian
8am - 7pm: Billiards
8am: Guitar
9am: Bowling
10am: Basic Yoga
12pm: BESG Lunch/Meeting
1pm: Pitch
1:30pm: The Barbarian Empires of the Steppes
4pm: Health Plan Options
5:30pm Gentle Flow Yoga
6pm: Genealogy Res.
9am: Bridge
9am: Yin Yoga & Meditation
9am-noon: SHINE
10am: Wire Wrap Jewelry
10am: Men’s Group
10:30am Chorus
11:30am: Motion to Music
1pm: Bingo
1-3:30pm Art Anyone Can Paint
1pm-4pm: Billiards
8am-4pm: Billiards
8am: Walking Club
9:30am: Gentle Yoga
10:30am: TRIAD
11:15am: Bereavement Support
12pm: BESG Birthday Party
1pm: Mahjong
1pm: Diabetes Prevention Program
8am - 12pm: Billiards
9am: Cribbage
9:30am: Zumba/Basic
12pm: Canasta
1:30pm: Tai Chi
9am—2pm Semi-Annual Red Cross Blood Drive
8am - 4pm: Billiards
8am: Guitar
9am Bowling at Ryan Center
10am: Basic Yoga
1pm: COA Board Mtg.
1pm: Pitch
1:30pm: Barbarian Empires
5:30pm Gentle Flow Yoga
6pm: Bellingham Bees
9am: Bridge
9am: Yin Yoga & Meditation
10am: Men’s Group
10:30am Chorus
11:30am: Motion to Music
1pm-4pm: Billiards
1pm: Bingo
1-3:30pm Art Anyone Can Paint
8am-4pm: Billiards
8am: Walking Club
9:30am: Foliage Turkey Train Tour
9:30am: Gentle Yoga
1pm: Mahjong
1pm: Women’s Wisdom Group
1pm: Diabetes Prevention Program
8am - 12pm: Billiards
9am: Cribbage
9:30am: Zumba/Basic
12pm: Canasta
1:30pm: Tai Chi
8am-4pm: Billiards
9:00am: Knitters/Quilters
9:30am Chair Volleyball
1pm: Poker
1pm: Conversational Italian
4pm: Women who have impacted American history by Dr. Gary Hylander
8am - 4pm: Billiards
8am: Guitar
9am: Bowling at Ryan Center
10am: Basic Yoga
1pm: Pitch
1:30pm The Barbarian Empires of the Steppes
5:30pm Gentle Flow Yoga
9am: Bridge
9am: Yin Yoga & Meditation
9am-noon: SHINE
10am: Wire Wrap Jewelry
10am: Men’s Group
10:30am Chorus
11:30am: Motion to Music
1pm: Bingo
1pm-4pm: Billiards
2pm-4pm Legal Consultations
8am-4pm: Billiards
8am: Walking Club
9am: Flu Clinic
10am: Senior SAFE
Fall Prevention
9:30am: Gentle Yoga
10-Noon: Financial Consultations
10-:30am Backyard Birders
11:15am: Bereavement Support
1pm: Fleece Blankets
1pm: Mahjong
1pm: Diabetes Prevention Program
8am - 12pm: Billiards
9am: Cribbage
9:30am: Zumba/Basic
12pm: Canasta
1pm: Prescription Advantage
1:30pm: Tai Chi
8am-4pm: Billiards
9:00am: Knitters/Quilters
9am—noon: SHINE
9:30am: Chair Volleyball
1pm: Poker
1pm: Conv. Italian
8am - 4pm: Billiards
8am: Guitar
9am: Bowling
10am: Basic Yoga
Lunch Bunch
1pm: Pitch
1:30pm: Barbarian Empires
5:30pm: Gentle Flow Yoga
9am: Bridge
9am: Yin Yoga & Meditation
10am: Men’s Group
10:30am Chorus
11:30am: Motion to Music
1pm-4pm: Billiards
1pm: Bingo
8am: Walking Club
8am-4pm: Billiards
9:30am: Gentle Yoga
12pm: BESG Birthday Party
1pm: Mahjong
1pm: Tea & Talk
1pm: Diabetes Prevention Program
8am - 12pm: Billiards
9am: Cribbage
9:30am: Zumba/Basic
12pm: Canasta
1:30pm: Tai Chi
5:30pm: BESG Ham & Bean supper
8am-4pm: Billiards
9:00am: Knit/Quilters
9:30am: Chair Volleyball
1pm: Poker
1pm: Conv. Italian
2pm: Exploring the Constitution
8am - 4pm: Billiards
8am: Guitar
9am Bowling at Ryan
10am: Basic Yoga
1pm: Pitch
1:30pm: Barbarian Empires
5:30pm Gentle Flow Yoga
8:30am: Health Plan Options
9am: Bridge
9am: Yin Yoga & Meditation
9am-noon: SHINE
10am: Men’s Group
10:30am Chorus
11:30am: Motion to Music
1pm: Trick or Treat Bingo
1pm-4pm: Billiards
Friday, 11/2
No lunches or regular programing at the Center today
in preparation for the COA Annual Craft Fair on Saturday, 11/3, 9am—3pm
OCTOBER | Calendar of Events
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October 2018 Senior Center: (508) 966-0398 Page 12
Bellingham COA Senior Center
40 Blackstone Street
Bellingham, MA 02019
Who’s Who at the Bellingham Senior Center:
Senior Center Offices: 508-966-0398 Newsletter Coordinator, Dave Dunbar
Executive Director, Josie Dutil: 508-657-2716
508-657-2705 Supportive Day Program Coordinator,
Asst. Director, Lisa Mottola: 508-657-2708 Terry Graham: 508-657-2711
Certified Program Manager, Outreach/ Supportive Day Program Assistant,
Development, Sheila Ronkin: 508-657-2710 Sue Smith: 508-657-2711
Admin. Clerk, Dan McLaughlin: 508-657-2714 Custodians: James Maher, Lenny Brooks:
Clerical Support Staff, Nancy Champney: 508-966-0398
508-657-2707 Van Drivers: Carl Malo, Roger Hogue, Kevin
Transportation: 508-657-2709 Knehr, Bob Dubois, Don Boucher, Paul Haggstrom,
Transportation Coordinators, Leo Dalpe, Michael Mullaney, Arthur Linnell, Ed Nugent,
Linda Drohan: 508-657-2709 Bob Greenhalgh, Mike McAlduff, and
SHINE: Jean Roy 508-966-0398 Jack Stuart
If you plan to attend any of our programs, then please remember to
sign up at the front desk, or call 508-966-0398.
The Senior Center makes decisions regarding the scheduling of programs based on the number of attendees who sign up. This information is extremely important, and we greatly appreciate your cooperation. Thank you!

Cities across the country are bracing for another night of protests over the death of George Floyd. Crowds have already gathered in Washington, D.C., New York City, Houston and Los Angeles. Some protests erupted in violence yesterday after it got dark.        George Floyd's child's mother is expressing her sorrow knowing their daughter will grow up without her father. Speaking in Minneapolis, Roxie Washington said he will never be able attend future birthdays, graduations or walk her down the aisle on her wedding day. Washington said Floyd loved his daughter and was a great father.       Presidential candidate Joe Biden plans to attend George Floyd's funeral in Houston next Tuesday. The service will follow a public viewing at Fountain of Praise church on Monday. Although he was born in North Carolina, Floyd grew up in Houston.       Members of the National Guard are successfully deescalating a protest in Hollywood. A group of protesters got into a standoff with the Guard when all of a sudden everyone took a knee. A few moments later protesters and the National Guardsmen where seen hugging it out before dispersing peacefully.       Amazon is having a "Summer Sale" in an effort to give retailers an economic boost. CNBC reports the sale will start on June 22nd and could last for seven to ten days. While Amazon has yet to give the event an official name it has been dubbed the "Biggest Sale in the Sky" for now.       A doctor with the National Institutes of Health says the warm weather is unlikely to slow the spread of COVID-19. President Trump has repeatedly touted that COVID would recede during the summer months because of the heat. Doctor Francis Collins wrote in a blog post Tuesday that the climate would only matter if a large portion of the population had built up an immunity or resistance to the infection.