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Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein is finally in court today after being accused by dozens of women of sexual assault. He's expected to only be charged in connection with allegations made by two women and the "New York Times" is reporting he'll likely be granted bail today and ordered to wear an ankle monitor. Weinstein has denied all charges of non-consensual sex, and this is the first time he's being charged for misconduct.        North Korea is still willing to sit down with the U.S. even though President Trump cancelled a planned summit between him and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. A statement on North Korean state media from a top official expressed the North's willingness to resolve issues between the two countries anytime and in any format. Trump said harsh rhetoric from the North prompted his decision.        Oklahoma police say a shooter is dead after opening fire at a restaurant yesterday in Oklahoma City. A spokesman said two people suffered gunshot wounds and a third person fell and broke his arm while trying to escape. The victims are expected to survive.       More than a dozen people are injured in an explosion at a restaurant near Toronto. Police say three men set off an improvised explosive device inside an Indian restaurant in suburban Missisauga [[ MISS-ih-SAW-guh ]] last night. Police say the men walked into the restaurant around 10:30 p.m., set off the IED, and ran out.       Officials in Hawaii are warning residents to take cover as the Kilauea [[ KILL-uh-WAY-uh ]] volcano continues to erupt. The most recent eruption has sent ash ten-thousand feet into the air. A statement from the County of Hawaii warned the wind could carry the ash to the nearby town of Pahala, which has a population of more than 13-hundred.       The Rockets honored the victims and survivors of the Santa Fe High School shooting at last night's NBA playoff game against the Golden State Warriors in Houston. A moment of silence was held and the Rockets wore special patches on their jerseys that read "Santa Fe HS." The school's choir sang the national anthem before the game.