Nashville Mayor John Cooper is thanking local police for keeping what he's calling the city's "worst day" from becoming an even greater tragedy. Cooper expressed appreciation for a call from President Biden, who called Monday's school shooting "a tragedy he's all too familiar with." The mayor added that he gained some insight after speaking with mayors from other cities that experienced similar tragedies. Three elementary school children and three adults died in the shooting. Police shot and killed the shooter inside the school.       An investigation is underway after a train carrying iron ore derailed in California. It happened Monday in San Bernardino County, where officials say there were no passengers aboard the Union Pacific train. More than 50 train cars, including two locomotives, derailed. One locomotive suffered a minor leak. No injuries or active fires were reported.       A group of Republican senators introduced a measure on Monday that would overturn President Biden's student loan forgiveness plan. The proposal -- brought forth by Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy -- asserts that Biden's executive action favors a small group of borrowers and leaves behind Americans who hold other forms of debt. The plan will also cost 400-billion-dollars, according to the Congressional Budget Office.       Officials in Philadelphia are trying to assure residents the tap water remains safe after a recent chemical spill in the Delaware River. It was announced Monday that the public can continue using the water until at least Tuesday afternoon. The spill is believed to have happened after a pipe burst at a plant in Bristol. It's estimated about eight-thousand gallons of latex finishing chemicals were dumped into a creek.       The U.S. and Mexico are considering an agreement to crack down on the flow of fentanyl and guns over both sides of the border. NBC News reports the deal includes Mexican authorities cracking down on drug labs and smuggling while the U.S. does more to stop and track the flow of firearms into Mexico. The agreement also includes sharing access to data about where fentanyl turns up to better track distribution routes. The deal comes after months of discussions between the Biden administration and Mexican government.       Americans are prioritizing traditional values like religion, patriotism and having children. A Wall Street Journal poll showed that under 40-percent of Americans said patriotism is very important to them, compared to 70-percent who said it was in 1998. The amount of people who said the same about hard work and community involvement have also fallen. Money is the only thing that actually grew in importance, according to the poll.