President Trump thinks the result of this year's election will be even better than in 2016. He's campaigning in battleground Arizona right now on his first of two stops. He's again casting doubts about mail-in ballots and claiming the coronavirus crisis is "rounding the corner."        Vice Presidential hopeful Kamala [[ COMMA-lah ]] Harris is vowing "a change is coming." She told that to supporters in battleground Florida on this first day of in-person early voting. She campaigned at a drive-up rally in Orlando and is now headed to another event in Jacksonville.       Investigators say someone may have intentionally set a fire inside a California ballot drop box. It happened last night at the Baldwin Park library, one of more than 400 locations with a secure drop box in Los Angeles County. No word yet how many ballots were damaged.       President Trump is insulting a member of his own coronavirus task force, for the fourth time today. He told reporters Dr. Anthony Fauci says "things that are a little bit off." He already called the nation's top infectious disease expert a "disaster" and mocked him on Twitter.       Stocks are falling sharply to start the week as Wall Street reacts to the lack of a coronavirus stimulus deal. The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost 410 points to close at 28-195. The S&P 500 fell 56 points to 34-26. And the Nasdaq slid 192 points to 11-478.       CVS is taking action as it prepares for a second wave of coronavirus and the flu season. The pharmacy chain plans to hire 15-thousand workers as soon as possible. Most will be pharmacy technicians, considered vital to administering COVID-19 tests nationwide.