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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is out with proposed rules for President Trump's impeachment trial. Under the proposal, arguments would get underway Wednesday afternoon. The rules would also give each side 24 hours for arguments on the two articles of impeachment, plus another 16 hours for questions.        Kellyanne Conway thinks Martin Luther King Jr. would've been against impeaching President Trump. The White House counselor's comments came after being asked how Trump planned to observe the holiday honoring the civil rights icon. Just in case you were wondering, Trump made an unscheduled appearance at the MLK Memorial before departing for Switzerland.        A new aircraft carrier will be named after an African American for the first time. The acting Secretary of the Navy made the announcement during a ceremony at Pearl Harbor today. It will be named in honor of Navy Cross recipient Doris Miller.       Police are releasing the names of a family killed in a shooting in Utah last week. Four members of the Haynie family died Friday night while another was injured, but is out of the hospital. Granstville police say a juvenile is responsible for the shooting, but his name hasn't been released.       A candy bar that weighs over 47-hundred pounds is taking a bite out of the record books. Mars Wrigley just created the largest Snickers bar ever to celebrate its 90th anniversary. It took more than 600 people to mix and mold chocolate, caramel and peanuts.